Advantages of chain link fencing over a wall

The advantages of a chain link fencing need not be elaborated with a university study or a survey group but can be illustrated thoroughly with a very common sense. There are enormous and sensible advantages of a chain link fencing. There are a few easily understood advantages and there are a few which needs a wise thought for the comprehension. After the following, I shall elaborate in a bullet method each advantage and their case studies to make it easy for understanding.

Case study: There were a group of companies which have come together and bought a land area just close to the city. It was somewhere around 55 acres of land. This had to be laid with a boundary to define their land. There was a senior from these companies who was in good talks with every one. He was also a major stake holder among this land piece. When the committee was arranged among them, they has several options. A wall fencing, a precast wall, a chain link fencing boundary, a barbed wire fencing and finally a tree fencing. Considering all these option, they have invited all quotes for all the types of fencing.

Price does matter: A usual first thought that cuts through available options is a wall when we think of a boundary. A consideration option sometimes is the best solution for a boundary. There are a few factors that should be considered for a wall. This is where fencingIndia   is always at your disposal to discuss and decide the best outdoor fencing solutions.

A wall fencing: When a member in the jury raised a wall topic, there were a series of disadvantages that first flashed without a thought. Cost. What they will be spending on a wall is sensing foolish to the jury. If a wall has to be built to a height say 6feet, it will just become a high jump competition for thieves. They can just leap over the wall and get what they want. Run away is also a hurdle height. If they wanted to go for 8feet wall, the foundation has to be built a little deeper and the base should be a little thicker than 6″. It should be a 9″ brick start. A 9″ thick is not possible in a baked brick. Only a cement brick will help this purpose but what is the cost of a 9″ cement brick. 10% more than a baked brick. And the cost of the foundation will go up by say around 15%. T raise the wall a 2 more feet, there will be a raise in the price of say 30%. All put together, a 8feet wall is say 55% more than a 6feet wall. Now, is this economic? Absolutely no. These are all factors I am talking about a perfect wall construction. If you want the wall a little in the cost bracket you will have to compromise on the quality of build which will result in an inferior quality wall. 4 years and then you are tired looking at it every time you see it. Now, talking in terms of a wall cost in both INR and USD it is about 160INR per square foot excluding the labour which will account to around 20INR per square foot. This is say 180INR per square foot complete or 3USD per square feet. Isn’t that expensive? Lets take the example of 55 acres which will account to 6,656 running feet multiplied with 8feet height is 53,248 square feet. Talking in Indian terms of cost it is 95,84,640INR. Which is 159,744USD. Thats a lot of money we are talking about. This is where a chain link fencing advantages saves a lot of money and brains. The best grade material chain link is a 100GSM wire. This is a standard we have. We do not maintain inferior wires. I shall write about this inferior wires and trickers in my next blogs. The optimal grid for fencing should be chosen. 2″ or 3″ or 4″ and the perfect wire for this fencing either 12g or 10g or 8g. The costliest among these will come to 32Rs per square feet. It will even go down as your grid gets bigger and the wire gets thinner. These prices and specifications shall be explained in my blogs ahead of these. Now, the fencing posts are a part of our manufacture. These can be placed at somewhere around 15Rs per square feet. The work factor will cost about 15Rs. per sqaure feet. All up together is around 62Rs. Which is a cent over a dollar per square feet. Considering the same periphery as before for a wall, the cost of the complete fencing  comes to around 33,01,376INR. Neglecting the minute factors, it is around 33,00,000INR. Which is 55,022USD. The numbers are talking here. The difference is around 104,721USD. Which is a Hundred thousand dollars American. This is a Bentley we are loosing. This is where a chain link fencing is talking good news. Coming to what I can do, I can manufacture chain link, I can manufacture fencing posts and I can install a chain link fence for your property. This is how price does matter is justified I hope.

Opaque. A wall is opaque. You dont know who is pissing on in on the other side. They might be using it for their daily urinal and there will be a open septic tank just across your wall in a month or two. India is a well known place of open leakers. Anywhere is alright as long as their sensors have stopped alarming. Not well known in India but a fear in the west is graffiti. Abuses, foul words and the F is often available at the start and end of a statement to give it a punch effect. So do they spoil the wall with their black color alone. “This land belongs to” is an often sight on walls in India. Even if the owner is someone else.  In spite of our investment on a wall, what are we encouraging unconsciously? Why cant we keep it transparent so that these littering, visibility and such involved petty issues can be controlled. Easy.

Maintenance: What when your wall is fading out into a dull color. What when movie posters on your wall were piled in a bundle and have been pealed to half . What when the green layer is on your wall and in some places there are twigs which came from the cracks of your wall. May be they have even created cracks and now they are plants. What when your best tree is now growing and the wall is either arresting its roots or its roots have broken the wall. And what comes to your brain is how long has it been that I constructed this wall and you start counting. Or you think or maintenance by painting it again and you are again counting how much it might cost you. This is where you want to skip these maintenance hurdles with a chain link fencing. An always silver color, transparent from the outside, you see your factory, land or farm and its beauty from a distant and imagine it growing bigger is what is exciting rather than a wall maintenance thought. This is I am talking about my chain link fencing material.I cant promise others material, they might not remain silver all the time, they will become brown and rough which is even called rust. Trust me, an outdoor activity is always chosen than any activity between four walls. This is one other way a chain link fencing is better than an opaque wall.

Movability: Can a wall be moved? Absolutely NO. This is a pre primary IQ question. Can a chain link fence be moved? And the same pre primary kid will answer YES. With our sense, a chain link fence is just a transparent metal curtain  fixed to fencing posts with a little concreting at the bottom to make them strong. A collection of fencing posts will make it a skeleton as strong as a barricade. These are all movable when they have to be relocated but with a tiny effort. The chain link has to be removed, then the base of the concrete is dug out and then the concrete mass is destroyed and the post is placed which ever is your new boundary and then concreted again. Then the chain link fence is fixed to it Thats it. Easy ain’t it. Lets say easier than relocating a wall.

Construction time: Taking about the same periphery fencing 6,656 running feet. How long could you imagine this could be done? A month? Two? No. Three to four months. This aproximately 2 kilometers in metric and 1.3 miles in imperial. Of course it will take three to four months to construct a wall.  This is when the construction work is stern, strict and dedicated. 9 hours a day. Shifting scenes to India, there will be 12 sundays in three months. Along with 9 public holidays in three months. This is extended to another month. With their weak punctuality and their work skip nature, they will only work 7 hours a day. This will account to one more month. Putting altogether, you will not be surprised to hear a 6 months work on site. Continuous surveillance, extra moths of pay and mental tension is unstoppable. What now? A chain link fencing is the one which will eliminate any of these. I can manufacture this periphery of fencing in say 15 to 20days and I can install fencing in 30 days. I can lock your chain link fencing project with a fancy chain link gate and hand over the keys to you in two months including holidays. I involve super machinery for installation like an earth auger for digging pits, a chain pulley for stretching chain link fence, a concrete runner to fill the pits with concrete, a chain link twist tie with high torque machines. A site generator is in my possession so that I do not depend on your electricity or take excuses for no electricity. In one word, I am the best chain link fencing provider. The erection time is a very big factor which is often not given attention and which is a major difference maker.

Beauty: This is an easy sense. A chain link fence is much more beautiful than any other fencing. No doubt. With my quality chain link fence, you will never regret your choice of choosing me as your supplier. Why do you want to hide your beautiful house behind a wall? Or your beautiful land or farm. Your beautiful factory? Do you think there are no options other than a wall. No, there are even better options. A chain link fence is the best among any of them. All reasons and advantages are explained above. In the west, the chain link is the first priority. Then comes a wooden fencing and the last comes a bush fencing.


I suggest, you choose a chain link fencing for your propery. You will seem wise and smart. Choose me for your chain link supplier and installation. You will be happy and safe.



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Chain link fencing surpassing governments

I went to a customer say Ganesh, who was in a dilemma of a wall being constructed for a site which is in a court litigation. For say, he has 37 acres of land in a place close to Hyderabad but say 1 acre was in a court waiting for declaration. Because of this 1 acre of land, he was not able to build a wall for his land. Now, there was another problem pestering him which was building the wall itself. If he had to build a wall, the 1 acre of land he was fighting for is equal to the cost of 37 acres of wall cover.

Now what? He then started surfing remedies and solutions for such a problem. Well, mother internet did not answer his questions. He was in his regular complaints of trespassers and filthy litters in his land. He was tolerating these but was vulnerable to act to these complaints. Then came in uncle Sam. It was a normal uncle’s party with beers and a few shares, hen his friend(now uncle Sam) enlightened him about chain link fencing.

Ganesh went on the internet and started looking for Chain link fencing and their norms and advantages. He was stunned to read and refer that the chain link can dodge and surpass government rules and government terms of a wall.

1. A chain link allows visibility, better than a wall. His land was very next to a water body. He does not want to arrest the beauty of his land.

2. A chain link allows air flow, better than a wall.

3. A chain link is movable, better than a wall. In future, if he wants to move or edit the boundary, this chain link is always open to being moved where ever and how ever.

4. A chain link is not restricted with height, better than a wall. The taller the wall is, the more expensive it starts counting. The taller the wall is the more the foundation counts. The taller the wall is, the weaker it is tend to be. This is where a chain link zooms over the wall.

After all these research, he started looking on the internet for a good chain link provider and a complete project qualifier. Then shoots my name in the web He calls me on the phone. I promised him to meet him on a day and without a doubt, I was there. Impressive. He discusses all these issues and I was there ready with an answer in my pocket. Done.

He calls for a chain link and then comes in the order. He was expecting that my promise will be after a month to supply the complete material. Then in 20 days, I called him and told him that the material was ready and the work shall start tomorrow. In 28 days, he was a person on whose face, I saw the “shabhash” feeling. He paid the complete payment and now, he is even insisting chain link to people who are in such a dilemma and hurdles from external forces.

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